Call for entries: Mass tourism

Open call for entries: International group exhibition „Mass tourism“

Organised by: Udruga Kreativni Krk (Creative Krk Association) as a part of „The Labour Day Incubator 2017“ Festival, Krk, Croatia

Held at: Decumanus Gallery, Krk, Croatia

Submission dates: January 20 – March 5, 2017

We invite photographers and visual artists to submit their works for a juried group exhibition which will be held from May 1st to May 18, 2017 in the town of Krk (Croatia) as a part of the "Labour Day Incubator" Festival.

About 2017 „Incubator“: This year's 7th annual Labour Day Incubator (Prvomajski Inkubator) is a music/artistic/educational festival organized by Creative Krk Association/ Udruga Kreativni Krk (NGO). „Incubator” celebrates 1st May- Labour Day, but also serves as a platform for a critical review of the state of the economy and the labour market. This year the theme of the "Incubator" is one of the most important economic branches in the region - tourism. As is the case with most countries rich in heritage and natural assets, tourism for Croatia is a significant source of income and has an undeniable impact on the ecological, social and cultural aspects of the community.

Tourism has its positive sides such as strengthening of international relations, free exchange of ideas, goods and services; however, it also has negative consequences, especially mass tourism. It developed in the 60s in parallel with technological advances that enabled rapid transport of large numbers of people to places of tourist interest so more people could enjoy tourist trips. An example of "high volume - low value" tourism is Spain, where the massive construction of the hotels caused coastal erosion thus becoming a threat to the sustainability of the economy and the environment.

Besides the effect it has on environment, another interesting aspect is the intercultural contact between tourists and the local community which consists of mainly seasonal workers who are often asked to perform extra duties at work, work long hours with no days off during the whole season, and all that with a smile on their face. On the other hand, we have the tourist who is licking an ice cream while walking around ancient streets in the eternal pursuit of pleasure - sun, sea, buying "authentic" souvenirs made in some far-off countries, eating "authentic" food from the growing number of fast food joints (a clear example of how in the world of mass tourism demand influences what the locals will offer). Mass tourism takes many forms, both in coastal areas as well as in ski resorts and world capitals (large number of tourist buses in the centre of Paris, the growing number of selfie sticks in Times Square, etc.).

Artists, such as the famous English photographer Martin Parr, have been working on this subject for years and their works, often flirting with kitsch, give a powerful comment on this global phenomenon. Mass tourism in the age of consumerism is just another instant product - the history and culture of a tourist destination become expendable goods which the visitor will consume for a week, capture in a few amateur photographs and then forget until the next holiday and a new destination.

What we are looking for: This is a call to visual artists to document, criticize or give a humorous comment on the phenomenon of mass tourism and / or its consequences. It is desirable to explore the social, cultural and economic aspects of mass tourism: mass construction, traffic and transport, the local people during the tourist season, tourists, (im)material cultural or natural heritage, tourist offer, etc. They can express themselves in any art medium. We encourage participants to fully explore the subject and to approach it contemporarily.
Selected works will be exhibited at the renowned Decumanus Gallery in the town of Krk (Croatia), and on Creative Krk Association's website. 

How to submit?

The submission must contain:

  • Artwork:
    • A) If the artwork is in digital form (photography, video, poster, photomontage, etc.) send it via e-mail or WeTransfer service on: specifying „For art exhibition“. The file has to be named following the scheme: lastname_firstname_titleoftheartwork_year. Photos must be in .jpg format 300 dpi resolution for printing in A3 format. Posters must be adjusted for printing in A2 format. Videos must be in .mov or .avi format, max 2 min long.
    • B) If the artwork is not in digital form (sculpture, graphics, painting, etc.) we ask authors to e-mail a clear photo of the art piece along with the description, year and dimensions of the art piece. After the announcement of selected works, all the artworks that are not in digital form, have to be delivered at author's own expense until April 15th 2017 to: Udruga Kreativni Krk (for art exhibition), Kvarnerska 17, 51500 Krk, Hrvatska. Please note that such works will not be returned to the author.
  • Name, year and description / concept of the artwork (up to half a standard page)
  • Artist's CV (up to half a standard page of text, e-mail and phone number) 
  • Link to the artist's website, social network profile etc. 

Important note: submission cannot contain more than 3 artworks.

Submissions must be received by March 5 2017 at 11:59 pm. 

The call for entries starts on January 20 and ends on March 5, 2017. 

The jury is made up of art and design professionals:
Bruna Justinić (Master of Art History– Contemporary Art / Photography),
Lucija Štefančić (Master of Restoration and Conservation of works of art – Painter),
Mario Depicolzuane (Graphic Designer and Art Director),
Igor Gržetić (Art Historian and Audio-visual Artist).

Selected works will be published on Creative Krk Association's website and Facebook page by April 1st, 2017. 

The exhibition will run from May 1st to May 18th, 2017.

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact:
Creative Krk Association:

Mario Depicolzuane

Krk, Croatia